About Us

The Evans family has always had pets, and we've always believed in treating our pets like members of our family. From our childhood obsession with snakes and lizards to my late fathers favorite dog Mr. T, each one of our furry or scaled companions has left an indelible mark on our lives. Shaping us into the animal loving adults we've grown into. 

After our dad passed keeping those family traditions alive was more important than ever to us, so when we had the opportunity to turn our love of animals into a place where you can find the best products and information we did the only thing we could. We did what our dad would have wanted. We jumped on it.

Our dad was our hero. He did everything with an incredibly high standard of quality and care, never giving anything less than 100% He taught us that if we're going to do something we always do our best, and in that spirit of quality and integrity we decided to name our store after him.

Martin Henry's Premium Pets & Supplies doesn't only offer the best products, we also provide the healthiest critters and supplies that we ourselves use and recommend. 

We decided early on that if we we're going to do this we'd have to bring something new to the table. An approach to the pet store that was different. We couldn't do the big and flashy super store, and honestly we wouldn't want to. What Martin Henry's Premium Pets & Supplies offers is a knowledgeable family owned operation that will care about your pets health and well being as much as you do. 

We focus on carefully selected brands of food and treats, high quality with independent reviews. Not just sales people giving you the product spiel from the manufacturers press release. We won't flood you with a thousand different food choices because half of them aren't worth the shelf space. If we wouldn't personally recommend it, we won't carry it and that's a promise. Your pet is more important than our bottom line.