Api Super Ick Cure 4oz

Api Super Ick Cure 4oz

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Help rid your freshwater finned friends of ich quickly and effectively with API Super Ick Cure Fish Medication. Ick, also called white spot disease, is a highly contagious and destructive, microscopic parasite that burrows into gill and skin tissue, causing severe damage and secondary infections. Early symptoms include white spots and darting and scratching against surfaces, while more advanced stages can cause labored breathing. API Super Ick Cure is designed to kill the parasite, usually within 24 hours, and adds a natural skin slime to protect tissue destroyed by the disease.

Key Benefits
  • Helps freshwater fish heal the symptoms of ick.
  • Maintain proper water quality and a suitable aquatic environment for your fish in order to maintain a healthy aquarium
  • Adds a protective layer of slime to protect damaged tissue.
  • Helps fight secondary infections caused by ick.
  • Promotes proper water quality and is ideal for freshwater tanks.

HAZARDS TO ANIMALS: Some scale less fish are sensitive to this medication; therefore, treat at 1/2 the normal dose. Some saltwater invertebrates, such as corals, may be sensitive to this product, so it is not recommended for reef aquariums.