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Keep your furbaby clean and healthy with the Kaytee Squeaky Clean Critter Small Animal Shampoo. It’s formulated with gentle cleansers that gently remove dirt and grime, and conditioners that soften and nourish for a lustrous coat, which means more cuddly moments with your buddy. Plus, the formula also deodorizes and leaves your pal smelling baby powder fresh every time, and since it’s tearless and pH balanced, you can feel good about using it. So lather up your furry one, and bring on the freshness! It’s great for guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters and other small animals.

Key Benefits
  • All-in-one, gentle formula safely cleans, conditions and deodorizes with each use.
  • Special conditioners nourish the fur for a lustrous, healthy and cuddly coat.
  • Tearless and pH balanced so it’s totally safe and easy to use when your pal needs a clean-up.
  • Baby powder scent leaves your pal smelling fresh and clean after each bath.
  • Great for small animals like guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters and more.
The Kaytee Quick & Clean Instant Shampoo is a sensational customer favorite, and we hope you like it just as much.

Inventory Last Updated: Jul 12, 2020